GitHub Deploy extension: Insufficient scope, expected any of: update:mfa_policies


I’m having issues when click in the “Deploy” button in the Github Deploy Extension.
Not sure why, but when the github push webhook triggers the deploy the config, it does deploy with no issues - I assume the Extension only apply the file differences for the commit which might not touch the MFA policies.
However, when I click the Deploy button in the extension, I get the following error:

Insufficient scope, expected any of: update:mfa_policies

I assume, the Deploy button would pull down the whole repo (on the configured branch) and re-apply all changes, which might touch Mfa Policies then that fails.

I’ve installed the extension so many times now.
This is the version I’m using:

Checking another posts here in community, some recommendation changing GitHub Deploy Extension’s application to be Machine to Machine and add the missing scope manually under the management API. I’ve done that too - even applied all available scopes for testing and had no success.

For reference, when calling the “import” from Auth0 Deploy CLI, all it works fine.

The GitHub extension looks appealing as it provides rollback mechanisms at easy access, but, unfortunately I’m not able to do the basics with it.

Can someone help me out with that please?
Thank you