Getting the error - access denied, Key must be a buffer


We create a new tenant based on the existing working one, in the new tenant when clicking on the connection->database->" Username-Password-Authentication" and “Try connection”, I’m getting an error saying

“error”: “access_denied”,
“error_description”: “Key must be a buffer”

It is a new tenant we just copy from the other working tenant and I do the same, the working tenant show the Auth0 signup screen which is normal.

I have no idea why I keep getting that error if I try to connect to my app and it shows me the error below and made me believe something related to the permission that is not set up right in this tenant.

error: “access_denied”
errorDescription: “Service not found:
state: “vNFsDeQMPRnHLw7XwhdDaPdtoT_kTJya”

Could someone give me some ideas or knowing what is wrong?

Thanks for the help.

You should expand on what exactly you mean by copied from another tenant; most tenant configuration can indeed be replicated in another tenant although some things can’t be recreated exactly as is. For example, a client identifier from the previous tenant will not be reused and a new one will need to be generated in the new tenant.

In other words, the most likely reason is that the process you used to transfer the configuration is incomplete and a definitive answer would likely require more detailed information, however, a possible explanation for each of the errors you mentioned could be:

  • you get a key must be a buffer because there may be a rule that depends on a rule configuration key that was not transferred correctly.
  • you get a service not found because you may have not create a custom API with the expected identifier in the new tenant.