Getting "no connections enabled for the client" after Switching from Active Directory to Passwordless Email Login

Very odd bug here. Primarily, we’re trying to switch from Active Directory (AD) authentication to Passwordless Email (PE). Leaving both turned on is a fine stop-gap as well.

I’ve tried hard refreshes and clearing cookies between each of these scenarios. We’re using auth0-spa-js version 1.10.0. I have verified that the Client ID is correct.

First attempt was to disable AD and turn on PE for our app (which is a SPA). This led to the “no connections enabled for the client” error in the callback URL from the title of this post.

Next, I tried turning both on. In this case, it went back to just showing AD as before, but no passwordless option.

Finally, I tried switching back to the classic Universal Login. With only PE on, I receive a 404 for the ssodata URL. With both on, I receive only the PE login. We’re using this last option because it is somewhat usable as a stop-gap, but obviously not ideal.