Getting management API token, using User Management

Hi every one !
I just started with Auth0 (3 days yet) and they are some dark spot I don’t really understand or find explicitely in the Auth0 doc.

What I want is to be able to manage users and get they info for my Angular SpA. To be simple, I would like to make a similare Auth0 dashboard for my top admin in my Angular app. The point his to make it userFriendly, getting a list of registered users, give them or change a role, and some basic stuff.

So, I’m working with Angular for my front, .NetCoreApi for my back. In Auth0 I have an SPA application, representing my Angular front, and an API representing my .netCore app. Since that Management API Tokens for SPAs have certain limitations, How do I do my dashboard ?

I tried to understand how get it from my .netCoreApi without success. Any help ?

Thank you for your time

EDIT: maybe to say it simply, How can I get an management api token to reach Auth0 Api and manage users with my Angular app ? or my .NetcoreAPI but linked to my Angular ?

No idea ? :upside_down_face: Or you need better explanation ?