Getting information about a users authenticated application platforms

Hello, I’m new to auth0. I’ve been having some issues regarding fetching some data about users. When a user is authenticated with different applications it gets displayed under their profile which is exactly what I want. However I’m not quite sure how to transfer that information to be part of their profile. From what I understand I can use the app_metadata from actions to add in that information. However the event object doesn’t contain the application name, any advice?

Hi @xKr9,

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I understand that you have some questions about using Actions to populate the user’s ​app_metadata.

To get the application name from the Event Object, you can call the property as described in our Event Object docs.

Then you can set that information to the user’s profile by using API Object to call the api.user.setUserMetadata property.

You may find our documentation on using Actions to enrich the user profile useful.

Hoped this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.