Getting approved by Facebook

hello -

i tried a year ago to get approved by FaceBook but i seem to be “stuck” at the “Individual Verification Status” step.

Your submission is in review. You’ll receive a status after review is complete.

several times i uploaded scans of drivers licenses and passports.

I am ready to abandon trying to use FaceBook, unless anybody has another suggestion.

Hey @edwardsmarkff,

How long have you been waiting? It seems that sometimes, individual verification can take very long as discussed here: Why App Review is taking so long? - Developer Community Forum - Facebook for Developers

Also, I would suggest you reach out to Facebook or post on their Community Forums since you might get more relevant help there.

waiting over a year now…! (15 months to be exact)

yes i looked on the FB community as well; most posts say to be patient. but this reminds me of a woman in high school i was waiting to take on a first date. two years after graduation, i started thinking she was never going to date me.

one suggestion was to cancel and start over.

but i decided to just discontinue trying to use FB, considering that Auth0 has 200+ other options.