Getting a token

I am trying to get a token with Postman


But a body with a ‘code’ and ‘redirect_uri’ seems to be required. I am not sure where I get those values?

Which token you trying to get. Either it is is_token or access token?

Have you had a chance to checkout our Postman collections (every API endpoint from our Management and Authentication API)?

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I checked out the Postman collection but it seemed to get a token I needed to supply a ‘code’ as shown in the screen shot. This request is from the Postman collection.

Then you’ve got what you wanted? Am I right?

I still have the original question. What do I put for the ‘code’ in the Postman collection to get a token?

Hi @rkevinburton,

To get an access token via the authorization code flow, you first need to call the authorization endpoint, which will return an authorization code in the response.

If you just testing stuff in general via postman, you can simplify the flow by using client credentials instead. Just keep in mind that client creds are meant for machine-to-machine scenarios.

Thanks a lot for sharing this knowledge here @markd!