Getting 401 when using user access token in web api

Hi, I’m trying to use User Access token with postman in order to execute my Web Api in .Net Core 5.0 .

  1. I have created Api in auth0 with Identifier is my local address and port where my Web Api is running.
  2. In my Web Api I have followed the steps from Quick Start in my Auth0 Api. So in ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) I have:
 var domain = $"https://{Configuration["Auth0:Domain"]}/"; 
services.AddAuthentication(options =>
                options.DefaultAuthenticateScheme = JwtBearerDefaults.AuthenticationScheme;
                options.DefaultChallengeScheme = JwtBearerDefaults.AuthenticationScheme;
            }).AddJwtBearer(options =>
                options.Authority ={Configuration["Auth0:Authority"]};
                options.Audience = "http://localhost:12390/";
            services.AddAuthorization(options =>
                options.AddPolicy("Administrator", policy => policy.Requirements.Add(new HasScopeRequirement("Administrator", domain)));
  services.AddSingleton<IAuthorizationHandler, HasScopeHandler>();
              services.TryAddSingleton<IHttpContextAccessor, HttpContextAccessor>();

and in Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env) I have


  1. I have decorated my controllers with [Authorize]

Now whenever I try to use user token (this one has the User Id in sub) in Postman I’m getting Unauthorized 401. And I really need to know the user that is logged in so that I can do other customizations. Please advice what I need to do in order to get my user Id in sub and be able to use user access tokens?

Please help