Get user info with auth0client from spa SDK


im having troubles to get the user objetct in the SDK for SPA, i want to add a username attribute to the object that is send to frontend from a custom database connection, the username is stored there, and i tried adding it to the callback on the login script, adding a rule to add the attribute, adding it at the metadata, but i keep recieving the same object all the time without the username attribute, even i can see the username attribute on the user dashboard, but i just cant handle it to my app.

Hi @lalita960701,

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If you need the username in the token, you can always add it as a custom claim. Described here:

You can also add the metadata to the token as a custom claim (this is a common approach for any extra info you need in the token). This prevents you from having to make numerous requests for authentication.

Hope this helps!


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