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Get email from Twitter



The previous topic has been closed without resolution, so I’m reopening it!

Twitter does allow apps to request email address. If they do, Auth0 should store the email address just as it does for other social logins like LinkedIn.

Currently, I’m trying to use a rule to save the email into Auth0 (like! but with proper persistence in the email field), but Auth0 won’t allow updating the the primary email for a social account. This scuppers attempts at account linking on email.

All these problem would go away if Auth0 would add support for the email address in Twitter if available and granted by the user.


Thanks for the idea - I will check into it and send it to the appropriate team.


We would also very much like to see this.

We can get the email from Twitter via the rule suggested in other threads, but when we attempt to update the email field via the management api there is no field to update, so it is apparently ignored.

We could wedge the Email into users as metadata, but this requires us either to do this across all users from all sources, or to have a fringe case rule in a place that seems a little silly.

Is there any new information about this topic?


It has been sent to the Product team and if we move forward with it we will update here. Thanks for the additional input