Get access token from customer code

Hello dear all and thank you for reading.

we have an API available for customers.
how can they get an access token code programmatically? without exposing the secret
they have a background job that needs to connect and fetch information from our application

thank you

If the background job running in a secure server , you can implement client credential grant type and obtain API access token.

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@tanver.hasan thank you for the comment, what about when I prefer Not to share the secret with my users?

ok got it. I have to create a specific. API in the ‘manage’ UI

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Yes - that is correct

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Hello Konrad.sopala. how are you doing?
I was able to login. but when sending a request to my server I am getting back
“invalid_claims”, correct claims, please check the audience and issuer (flask server).
what have I forgot to set?

thank you!