Gatsby Days - Remote - July 2nd, 2020

Do you want to meet our team?
@sam.julien will be presenting

A Recipe for Powering Up Gatsby with Authentication
at Gatsby Days.

You can watch the talk for free on the Gatsby blog or right here below :point_down:


This should be fun! Looking forward to joining in and watching!

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Thank you Gatsby Days for having me!

Here are the slides for “A Recipe to Power Up Gatsby with Authentication”. You can also head to my website for plenty of other Gatsby articles and emails or reach out to me on Twitter if you need anything.

We have a ton of great joint content with Gatsby out right now:

We also have a sweet new React SDK that you should check out – it abstracts away a lot of the setup of the Hooks and Context that I mention in the talk. Here’s the new QuickStart for auth0-react to get you up and running.


Thanks Sam for sharing all that!

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Thanks for sharing Sam :slight_smile: