Figure out the auth provider given the email address

Using Universal login, we are trying to build an experience where after the user types in their email, we take them to the right provider without confusing them with the other options. Is this possible?
a simpler question, given only the email address: can we know if the user is using simple email based auth or a federated provider?

Hi Faisal,

You can start with this page:



Thanks @john.gateley. I took a look at the page that you linked but I am not sure it really answers my question.
What we are trying to do is figure out if the user (given the email address, per email not per domain) is using basic email or a social provider.
user => should only be redirected to email sign in.
user => only show the google sign in option.

customizing the page isn’t the problem since we are using universal login, the issue is how can we retrieve such data when the user is not authenticated?

Hi @faisal.ilaiwi1,

So the short answer is “yes, you can do that”.

The longer answer is “it takes quite a bit of work and is a custom implementation”.

Auth0’s professional services can help here (a lot!).

If you don’t want to go that route, then the basic idea is to implement a mini service to determine what kind of user they are, then redirect to a ULP that is smart about it.



Thanks John. Would this be our custom endpoint? hosted by us? or is this something that auth0 can do? this is clearly unauthenticated API that we need to have a very strong protection on.