Failed Wordpress Migration

When attempting to set up auth0 with my WordPress, I get an error

P_Auth0_Api_Client::signup_user unknown_code {"name":"BadRequestError","code":"invalid_signup","description":"Invalid sign up","statusCode":400}

That prevents me from migrating my admin user accounts. The auth0 app then fails to launch on login, and the plugin will auto deactivate. Does anyone have any ideas about what is going on?

Update: I created a dummy admin account, and reinstalled auth0, and purged the page cache. There were no errors, like before, but after the migration, the auth0 plugin still automatically deactivates. Reactivating the plugin works, but the login page will not redirect to the auth0 login page. Anyone have similar experiences? The only thing I could think that would cause this was the fact that I installed and activated miniorange authenticator (it is a competing product, but I opted to switch to auth0), but that has been completely removed.