Failed logins when using passwordless

Hi! I have been using auth0 for a while on a Vue/Nuxt website, with about 3-400 users. We are using the passwordless mode (not self-hosted, just redirect using passport). Mostly it works as it should, but some users can’t login. They receive an email with the link they should use to login, same as everyone else, but they are not logged in. The logs say “Wrong email or verification code”.

This just happened with a new user. The logs say:

  • Code/Link sent
  • Success signup
  • Sucess login
  • Failed login (wrong password)
  • Failed login (wrong password)

I am not sure what to do next, as the logs don’t really provide any more insight in to what may be happening here. I thought it may be related to users trying to log in, entering their info, clicking “resend”, get multiple emails, then clicking the link in the “wrong” email. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. Also, as the logs above shows, there was only one link sent. Could you please look into this?