Facebook Native Login with React.Js (auth0-spa-js)


We built a ReactJs application that is mobile and desktop. We had until now using auth0-spa-js with universal login.
We are launching a native App that in the end is going to be a browser embed (no native, or react-native). When we use Universal Login with Facebook we always are being asked in Facebook email and password.
I understood that using Facebook Native Login will fix this issue, but we didn’t find any solution to how to connect between them and still use auth0 as our provider.


  1. Remember User (save in a cookie or local storage)
  2. Re New token silently
  3. Option to add other social logins or passwordless

In the end, I can rebuild all the functionality by myself but want to understand the point here using auth0, and how to make it work.

Link (https://auth0.com/docs/connections/nativesocial/facebook)