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Facebook business_management permissions



I just created a new Facebook connection, and I was able to choose the following permissions with regard to our Facebook app: public_profile, user_friends, and email.

We want to add the following permission: business_management. However, it’s not one of the options on the list. I did see another question asking for this exact functionality, but it was closed and there appears to be no resolution. Is there any way to add this permission? If not, then I cannot use Auth0 for our solution.

Here’s more information about the business_management permission:


:wave: @joelhulen

Currently it is not possible to add the business management permission option. It is something we have looked at internally to be reviewed. If possible, could you please provide to me the use case for enabling the business management permission so that I can take it to our product team? Please do not hesitate to message me privately if it’s case sensitive.



I am working with the Facebook Business Management API to manage ads, audiences, sharing of audiences with other businesses, and managing users who are part of the Business Manager. Without the business_management permission, I cannot perform most of these tasks.