Extra automatic fields include in Verification email link


I am using email verification(using link) for email verification.
and redirect in to a url.
In our user list the filed connection includes the different environment.
Her we have impart-iosdev,impart-local,impart-dev,impart-preprod,impart-prod these are the different environment. each environment points to different build.
If I created a user with email_id test@gmail.com(eg) in impart-iosdev.
I am getting the email verification link.

Is there any method for identifying the email is belongs to which environment using redirection link

Is it possible to add the connection details in the redirection URL ??

Because if we installed two applications in one device (env - impart-iosdev, and impart-dev)
if we created a user in impart-iosdev and we are getting the verification link. but we cannot identify the user belongs to which environment.( environment identified based on connection in user list)

is there any method for identifying connection in our verification email redirection link ? or any method for identifying the connection details of user’s email?

Could you please anyone suggest any method please ?
We are blocking with this :frowning:

We need to Deep link the user in to the corresponding application (based on environment).
Now with out identifying which env user belongs to, user is deep link in to different build…

We installed 2 different build in same iosdevice.
Two different environment, one for development and one for testing. if we created a user in dev environment. Using the redirection link and the email verification link data we cannot identify the user belongs to which env?

Please suggest the way for solve this… Its is blocking our whole functionality