Errors in Universal Login documentation for prompts

The “Text Customization for the New Universal Login Experience” page lists the available prompts that can be customised through the Auth0 Management API. This page appears to be inconsistent with the API documentation in two ways:

Issue 1. Prompt which does not exist

There’s a reference made to a prompt called email-otp-challenge - when I curl -H "Authorization: Bearer (ACCESS-TOKEN)" -H "Content-Type: application/json" "https://(MY-TENANT)/api/v2/prompts/email-otp-challenge/custom-text/en" I get the following response:

  "error":"Bad Request",
  "message":"Path validation error: 'Invalid value \"email-otp-challenge\"' on property prompt (Name of the prompt).",

2. Missing prompts which exist in the API docs

The Management API docs also list a number of possible prompts that can be customised. When I looked through these there are three prompts which are not mentioned in the aforementioned page whatsoever - status, organisations and common. I can GET these prompts, so I assume they’re valid but I don’t really know what the possible screens and values are that can be customised.

Could we please have someone look through these pages and confirm what the right values are and make the appropriate changes to remove the invalid prompt and write something about the undocumented ones so that we know what text customizations are possible there. If this is not the appropriate forum to log documentation issues, please let me know what is and I will do so there.

Hi @sean.mclemon

Thank you very much for this!

I reproduced the first one, and reported it to the team. I’ll let you know what they tell me.

I cannot find the status, organizations, and common prompts you refer to. I am looking in the Management API docs in the prompts section. Can you give me a specific pointer or a screenshot so I can find it?

Thanks very much for reporting this.


Sure no worries, I’ve attached a screenshot to this comment showing what I was looking at. You can access what I’m seeing by visiting then clicking “Prompts” then " Get custom text for a prompt" - there’s a dropdown that shows some possible prompts.

Thanks, got it. I’m still looking for an answer for you. – j

This is fixed, in the pipeline to be deployed (I don’t know deploment schedules sorry, but it will be there soon).