Error when trying to authenticate on Android device - No browser application installed

Currently I am getting an issue when trying to test the Nativescript-auth0 (GitHub - sitefinitysteve/nativescript-auth0: Nativescript Auth0 social authentication plugin) login on my android device. I have seen it has been mentioned and resolved before Error when trying to authenticate in Android 11 (multiple devices tested) by upgrading the version it seems.

The error I am receiving when I click the log in button is - Error: No Browser application installed to perform web authentication.. The full error log:
JS: Error: No Browser application installed to perform web authentication.
JS: at new ZoneAwareError (file: node_modules@nativescript\zone-js\zone-nativescript.js:1298:0)
JS: at new WebAuthException (file: node_modules\nativescript-auth0\auth0-common.js:9:0)
JS: at Object.onFailure (file: node_modules\nativescript-auth0\
JS: at WebAuthProvider.start (file: node_modules\nativescript-auth0\android\provider\webAuthProvider.js:103:0)
JS: at file: node_modules\nativescript-auth0\
JS: at new ZoneAwarePromise (file: node_modules@nativescript\zone-js\zone-nativescript.js:902:0)
JS: at Auth0.webAuthentication (file: node_modules\nativescript-auth0\
JS: at HomeComponent.login (file: src\app\home\home.component.ts:37:19)
JS: at HomeComponent_Template_Button_tap_8_listener (file: src\app\home\home.component.html:13:74)

Has anyone else come across this issue/ could provide any help ?

Thank you all

Hi @bpince,

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Which version of the SDK are you using?

same error. solution ?
Pixel 2 - Android 10 - API 29

Hey there!

I think the most effective way to handle that would be to raise this as a GitHub issue in the SDK repo so we can work on that directly with the repo maintainers.