Error retrieving email from twitter: [object Object]

All of the sudden from friday midnight we are start facing this issue in production . we have been using auth0 more than 2 years and it was working fine . we did not change any code . but still we start getting this error .It is been happening in the loginwithpopup.Please find our account details below .Please guide us or help us.

  1. {error: “access_denied”, error_description: “Error retrieving email from twitter: [object Object]”, state: “aTdMZUkxcXJCOXQxeENhUXducENBYzFObzIwY3BqOUZDS3E0MGRaVkgyUQ==”}

  2. error: “access_denied”

  3. error_description: “Error retrieving email from twitter: [object Object]”

  4. state: “aTdMZUkxcXJCOXQxeENhUXducENBYzFObzIwY3BqOUZDS3E0MGRaVkgyUQ==”

Hi @alexm4d,

This error is returned from the “Get email address from Twitter” rule when the rule can’t retrieve the email for the user from Twitter. Looking at your rule and connection settings via our internal tools, it looks like the consumer key might have been updated in the social connection, but not the rule. If this is the issue, then you can regenerate a key/secret from the Twitter developer portal and use the credentials in both the connection settings and the rule. Hope that resolves this for you!

I went ahead and moved your other post to this topic since I believe it is related to the same issue. Thanks!