Error loading discovery document (WinForms)

I’ve had three reports recently (within the last month maybe, the most recent being the other night) where users are receiving the “Error loading discovery document…” message from my WinForms app when trying to login.

When this occurs everything is working on my side, and appears to be isolated to their environment although their internet is working just fine. But here’s the weird thing… in all cases I have advised they connect to an alternate network (Starbucks, neighboring business, mobile hotspot) and then it works.

Any ideas what may be happening here? They cannot ping the domain when this is occurring (but my other DNS entries are working just fine, it’s limited to my auth domain) which indicates it’s an issue between their ISP and Auth0? Pretty stumped but it’s been an odd trend lately.

Thanks for any insight.

Hi @rev23dev,

Welcome back!

I found an internal case where 499 errors were being thrown in relation to this. The timeout was happening client-side, and it was resolved by allowing for a longer timeout. I’m not sure if this is the same case, or unrelated, but might be worth looking into. Are you seeing errors related to this in your dashboard?

Thanks @dan.woda

I do not see errors when this happens. It doesn’t seem to be timing out as the error comes back pretty quickly. Additionally simply trying to ping the domain from within Windows from the affected PCs returns no response.

Would it be possible to record a HAR file of that transaction?