Enterprise account, ID Token and SDK

Hello, unfortunately my latest post was forgotten somehow…
(Auth0 resource owner password flow)

By the way I still have questions:

  • Do you provide along with the enterprise subscription a technical advisor or consultant?
  • Why the auth0-js SDK does not implement the refresh token revoke API?
  • I can’t still understand the difference between the access token and the ID token. Both are JWT and i believe both(?) needs to be verify on the BE side when they are received from Auth0. My understanding is that the access token is used to check authN/Z for my BE API. In the meanwhile the ID token is used by my client FE application in order to draw the UI.

Thanks in advance

Hello, @andrea.speziale,

Last time you pinged me while I was off, so I absolutely missed it. I’m back, however :slight_smile:

1.- Enterprise customers have access to a Technical Account Manager and our Developer Support team.
2.- The SDK is open source. Feel free to report a bug in the Github repository, or you could also implement it yourself and send a PR!
3.- The difference between both can be appreciated in depth here:


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