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Enable the User Name entered on the Lock Widget to pass through on SAML Authentication Request as the saml:Subject



We have a need to have the SAML Authentication Request generated from an “Auth0 SAML Connection” to pass through the saml:Subject value as the user name entered in the Lock widget ( as a “login hint” ) so that the target SAML IdP can use it to initialize its form, therefore avoiding the need for the user to re-type their User Name each time!!!

Our application requires the user to explicitly re-authenticate for various actions, so we’ve added the ForceAuthn=“true” element already to the Authentication Request template provided in the Auth0 connection configuration. It sure seems feasible to add the saml:Subject to the Request Template so that it could pass through on the Authentication Request just like Auth0 does with other attributes seen in this template.

Auth0 has confirmed that there is an internal “Feature Request” for this, but the priority is currently low. I’m hoping to find some support for this idea to raise the priority since it will greatly enhance the user experience in applications such as ours!


@kjkyle I’m facing exactly the same problem … did you maybe managed to solve it anyhow?

Kind regards!


Unfortunately we haven’t. I think I just need some votes on this topic and maybe they will look into implementing it!



Per the following post we have moved to a new way of gathering product feedback from the community. This specific feature request has been added to the new process.