Embedded login with Lock.js not supporting Captcha

We are using Embedded login with using Lock.js (auth0-lock version 11.30.4) with paid subscription with Auth0.
As per documentation it suggests Captcha is supported by lock library version 11.30 or higher .
We enabled bot detection in our tenant and enforced captcha as always (Response : Enforce captcha : Always & Captcha provider: Simple Captcha). But still its not asking for captcha on login page and its allowing user to login as usual without captcha challenge.
Even its not showing captcha to enter. Login page has not change even if we change bot detection configuration.

Any suggestion on it will be much appreciated

Hi @bhuva_dipak

If you are using Classic Universal Login with lock.js, it should work.

But you say you are using Embedded Login. If you look a bit lower in the documentation (Bot Detection) you will see that flows using ROPG or not hosted on Auth0 do not support Captchas.


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Hi John,
Thanks for quick response, I think I was misinterpreting lock.js limitation over captcha support. I believe, to enable captcha support we need to move to Universal login instead of Embedded login using lock.js.