Email_verified history for user


Is there a way to fetch user email verification history for a user? I am trying to identify the date/time when the user was email_verified?

I am currently using a social connection & based on the email_verified from the response, auth0 enables email_verified for the auth0 user if the response from social connection is true. However, in my case the response from social connection response cannot be trusted & hence I would need to know if the email_verified in the auth0 user profile was set true because of the social connection response.


Hi @niks,

Historical data on email verification is not available in the user’s profile, and I can’t think of a way to log that data otherwise.

Can you expand a little bit on the scenario? Maybe give us an example of when you can’t trust the social connection information?

Hi @dan.woda,

Thanks for your response. Due to the confidentiality of the social connection, I may not be able to provide the social connection name here on the forum. But for an example, let’s say I am doing social connection via facebook, & the oauth response from facebook says email_verified as true. In this case, I should not be using that flag from the response since the user simply signed up on the facebook and the email may or may not be verified by the user. I have confirmed it from the social vendor that this field is not valid (due to some historic data issues) and there is no plan as of now to fix it. If I now use this social connection on Auth0, then Auth0 by default enables email_verified for this user & grants them login access. I am looking to build a system where I do not need this email_verified field to be set by Auth0 and instead I want to send a verification email to the user before granting them the access. I tried writing an Auth0 rule for this, but seems like the field is already set true by Auth0 & I am not able to fetch it’s existing value since the value has already been overridden. Please let me know if it makes sense or I can provide more details as necessary.