Email notification after MFA completion


I have a use case where I want to send an email notification to a user when it completes the MFA enrolment setup. I am not sure how we can do that in Auth0. Is it possible via Auth0 rules?

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.


Hey there!

I checked our docs on that and cannot see anything specifically on sending out a confirmation email about successful MFA enrollment. Here’s the doc I checked:

It says how to handle the MFA enrollment emailing but not the confirmation.

So you have the flow for enrollment ready but you just want to add one last step with email to the enrolled user, something along the lines:

You've been successfully enrolled ?


Thanks for your response.

Yes, you understood it correctly.
On successful enrolment, we want to send the email notification.

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@konrad.sopala Please suggest.

I’ll let you know once I discuss it with the team as there is nothing on that front in our docs

Hey there!

I just confirmed it with the team that unfortunately we don’t have any email template for sending success notification here.

What I would suggest is to file a feature request through our product feedback form here:

Make sure to provide the context about your usecase as you provided here. Once you do that you should be contacted by one of our product managers within 10 business days.

Okay @konrad.sopala I will do that.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Is there anyway we can achieve this via rules?

As I’ve written in previous messages, we don’t have a mechanism like that to perform this action

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Okay thanks.

I have submitted a request for this feature.

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Thanks for doing that!

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