Email not in the response when authenticating


I have set up Auth0 so you can signup with email+password and Social login (Gmail). However, the email attribute in the response is newer filled out.

When I sign up with the email and password the email is in the name attribute and not the email field, and when signing up with Gmail the email field is empty as well, but the name is the account name of your Gmail account (without the

Any ideas on why the email might be stored in the name and not email field?

Hi @philipmandersen,

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Are you referring to the dashboard users or within the ID Token your app receives after logging in?

It looks like the email property of the user object should include the email. If you decode the ID Token or take a look at the user’s profile data in your Auth0 dashboard, do you see the email property?

To help troubleshoot this, can you provide some more info about your app such as what type of app it is and which SDK you are using?