Email Confirmation

Hello, how to enable email confirmation when sign up? I am using auth0 and 8base.

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Email confirmations are sent by default.

Here is the doc for it:

I have activated email confirmation (link) template, it doesn’t work, when new user is registered the email doesn’t send to user, by default email_verified set to true, what I need to do to implement email verification?

How are you creating new users? It shouldn’t be set to true by default. Also, have you configured an email provider?

Yes, I configured an email provider, user are created using 8base and auth0, to create user I use graphql mutate userSignUpWithPassword. Email provider configured, email template status enabled.

I’m not familiar with 8base. Can you please share the documentation you used to set up your application so I can see what is going on?

Hi, sure, here it is - Authentication - 8base Documentation

If you go to your Auth0 account and create a new user via the dashboard UI do you see an email come through?

Yes, when I have created user in dashboard email was sent.

Are you seeing the request to send an email come through in the logs of whatever email provider you are trying to use? Or is there no attempt to send the email at all?

The email doesn’t send only for email confirmation, e.g welcome email is working.

Any ideas? Curios where are the issues? 8base responded that hey are not managing email verification part in their integration with Auth0

I think this might be because you are creating users who have email_verified set to true.

Hello, I have a question: I’ve created a custom action, how can I check during sign up user fields? I’ve made after user is created on auth0 request to 8base

How can I check console log?

This link shows how to check the logs.

When I create a user, response returns me only { email: “”, tenant: “seefirst”, user_id: “auth0|612682a02c1cc90071080292”, app_metadata: {}, user_metadata: {}, email_verified: false, phone_verified: false }, but I also send firstName and lastName but it doesn’t returns me, what I need to do to gives this data?