Email based login stopped working


Using the default settings for email login - the email address input is hidden behind the logo.

Something changed this week. Users are unable to see the email address field, it however if they press the login button the email address gains focus and they can enter their email address (but without seeing what they type).

Once that is done the rest of the login process works.

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that. Can you share with us some screenshots so we can better understand what is happening? Thanks!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to check my last message?

Hi Konrad - I’m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Here is a screenshot:

Gotchya thanks!

Can you provide me with one final piece of details? What platform are you testing on and what stack of ours you used to build that? Thanks!

Hi Konrad - I hope I answer this properly…

The application is possibly unique for Auth0, it is written in VBA and the login screen shown in my previous post is actually an embedded IE browser window on a VBA Userform.

On the Auth0 side of things I have the tenant set up as a SPA.

BTW It seems the issue is partially (mostly?) resolved. I now see a scroll bar on the log-in screen, not as beautiful as it once was but definitely functional again and no longer confusing users.

Many thanks,

Gotchya! Have you build everything yourself using our APIs only to make authentication and authorization or have you used any of our quickstarts and SDKs?

I didn’t (knowingly) use any of the SDKs - everything was configured via the Auth0 UI, i.e. directly from my account.