Easier create user flow

I really miss an easy way to create users in the dashboard. I wish to be able to create a user with an email but without a password. Such that when I create that user they get an email which allows them to pick a password should they accept such an invite.

I know you can “misuse” the various flows to achieve this (for instance https://auth0.com/docs/auth0-email-services/send-email-invitations-for-application-signup), but that just feels really weird. This is a feature I didn’t even think could be missing from an otherwise pretty allround auth platform.

Any plans to add this? Or any input as to why it is the way it is?

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Hey there!

What I would advise here is to talk directly with our product managers and advocate for that feature. You can do that by submitting a question and feedback through our product feedback form here:

Once you do that you should be contacted within 10 business days by one of our product managers.

Hey @konrad.sopala thanks for the reply. I’ve submitted the request, hopefully this will be possibly at some point. It would make it a lot easier to build invite only products.

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Definitely! For sure the product manager that will reach out to you will be able to provide advantages and disadvantages of such approach.