E-mail verifications not recevied (randomly) -- where are the logs for this?

We have regular complaints from new users that they are not receiving the verification e-mail after sign up. Now even one of our own colleagues has signed up and not received the e-mail.

I cannot see anything in the logs on the Auth0 console about an e-mail having been sent. Is there any way to get some information that at least shows whether Auth0 actually sent the e-mail? That would have to be the starting point for any investigation.


Hey there @fransf! Are you able to tell us what email client those people that do not receive those emails, use?

I assume you mean which e-mail service?

It varies, but this morning we had an issue with a GMail address, for example.

Yep and also the email client (the app), whether it’s simply for example Gmail Web or do those people use any desktop email clients?

The e-mail doesn’t even get to the server, so I don’t think the e-mail client makes a difference.