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Download javascript libraries from the Auth0 CDN removed?


Currently, login pages contain scriptsources pointing to the Auth0 CDN, like this one:

So, despite we have a psaas cluster, we are currently still dependend of the availability of the auth0 cdn.
Is my assumption correct, this depencancy will be removed, once we use the new login experience?


I have tested myself. I enabled the new universon login and blocked the access from the browser to the I am able to login using totp. so javascript libraries are not downloaded, but layout elements like css and png are still downloaded from the CDN.
can you make the the new login completely independent of your cdn? But we dont want to build our own pages, we just want to be able to upload the design elements to the appliance, or be able to register an own url/location to download the layout elements.


Hi Arjan,

Thanks for the feedback.

I see two options to address this issue:

  1. Serving the assets from the authorization server instead of doing it from a CDN. This will address your issues but probably provide worse page download times for your users
  2. Using your own CDN. This is more complex to setup, but you’d get better performance.

Do you have other options in mind? Would 1) be acceptable for you?