Does the variable size token change impact me when using Actions to append custom claims to a token?

Problem statement

Our app uses “scopes” and “permissions” which are part of the token itself and we are appending additional metadata into the token using Auth0 actions. We need to know if our app will be impacted by variable size token change?


If you are using an Action to append custom claims, the variable size token change will not impact your implementation. This change will only affect you in cases where you are expecting a fixed size token or authorization code and you get a longer/shorter one.

For example, if in your application code you are specifically parsing a token of a fixed side, then you may need to adjust your current implementation to account for variable-sized tokens.

As of April 12th, 2022 moving forward, tokens and authorization codes will no longer have a fixed length.

With that, we recommend toggling off the Fixed Length of Access Token & Authorization Code switch and testing that there is no impact on your tenant.

To do so, please go to Auth0 Dashboard > Settings > Advanced and scroll down to find the Fixed Length of Access Token & Authorization Code switch.

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