Display data in users ID_Token/Access_Token on custom Guardian page

I’m really new to Auth0 so forgive my ignorance on this. I have a SPA and native mobile app and I am implementing a custom guardian page for MFA and would like to offer a few options for users to complete enrollment. Current flow:

Once users login, we prompt them to download our app, which we currently use to scan a QR code to complete enrollment.

User downloads app on mobile device

User hits button on custom Guardian page stating “I’ve already downloaded”

Custom Guardian page displays a QR Code and a QR Code URI that the user can copy and paste into our app.

User scans QR code or pastes QR code URI in our app to complete enrollment

What I would like to add as additional information on the custom Guardian page is info about the user like their ID_Token, Access_Token, JWT. Can you provide any guidance on how to do this?

Hi @tblack06,

Is there specific user information you would like to display? Or would you like to display the whole encoded token? I’m linking the token doc because there are some useful insights, like how an access token is opaque if it does not have a custom API as an audience and how the user profile is provided in the id token.


Thank you. I will take a look at this resource… sounds like it can help me get the info I’m looking for.

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Let us know if you run into any more issues!


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