Discrepency between Sign Up prompt and Create prompt in custom-database

In our app we’ve enabled the Require Username feature and we are using a custom database connection

This is demonstrated in our Sign Up prompt on our site, pictured below.

However when I am customizing the functionality for the Create target within the Auth0 dev environment, the prompt is different.

TRY prompt

In this case there is only a single field “Username/Email”.

The logic here seems off – the Sign Up form effectively requires Username AND Email whereas the Test prompt requires Username OR Email.

When I submit the Sign Up form the username field appears to be ignored. This occurs even after modifying my Create function to attempt to retrieve user.username from the user param.

Does the user.username field even exist in this object? The template says:

// The user object will always contain the following properties:
// * email: the user’s email
// * password: the password entered by the user, in plain text
// * tenant: the name of this Auth0 account
// * client_id: the client ID of the application where the user signed up, or
// API key if created through the API or Auth0 dashboard
// * connection: the name of this database connection

What about the username?

With the difference in presentation and logic between these two forms, how am I meant to test the submission of a username and an email on Sign Up?

Hey @john6 ,
Is there any news on this?
Maybe you already have some information and could share it with us?