Disable user registration only for some applications

Is it possible to enable the user registration link (using universal login) only for some applications.

I have one application each for web and iOS but don’t want to enable user registration for iOS.

Hi bobby2,

The setting is on a per-connection basis, so I don’t think this will be trivial.

You can always achieve this by disabling signups and doing signups via the management API for applications that require it. Not trivial out-of-the-box, but it will work.

I am very curious though what the use case is. In what circumstances would applications share a userbase, but only some applications allow registration?



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Thanks for the reply John.
I believe this is a very common use case - For eg: Netflix allows you to sign up only on the web app and not on the mobile apps. This has to do with how the platforms require you to have in app purchases enabled if you allow users to sign up on the platform.