Different passwordless email templates for different applications

I have two different web applications using the same Auth0 database. I need both of these apps to have a custom email template (different for each of them) for when the user logs in via a ‘magic link’ (passwordless method).

Is this possible to achieve currently on Auth0? As of what I’ve seen in the UI, I can only configure one single template for all apps.

I have also seen this similar old thread, but I’m re-asking in case this has already been implemented: Custom Email template for differant applications

If it’s not possible yet, I assume a workaround would be to use Liquid syntax on the HTML code to decide which texts should be shown depending on the clientId of the app.

Many thanks in advance!

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I am also interested in this. As teguayco.gutierrez pointed out, it appears limited in that the template is a constant.

An example (vanity) use-case:

Our application has a number of triggers. Each of these triggers would fire off a Password-less email asking the user to follow the magic-link and action X|Y|Z trigger. Presently, with the generic template, the user would get the email asking them to login, but without the ability for us to customise the email template on a case-by-case basis, the user is left with no context as to why we need them to action X|Y|Z.

The idea of using metadata and conditionals within the template would work I guess, but feels a bit hacky/work-around.