Different method of authenticating email


Our customer has requested that we do not use links in an email to authenticate user email addresses (!).

Is there another way to do this (eg a string in the email that the user copies/pastes somewhere?)


Hey there Simon!

Can you provide more context around that? Thanks!

When we create a user, an email is auto-generated by Auth0 asking the user to verify their email address by clicking on a link inside the email. Our customer has a security policy that does not want their employees to click on links in emails that originated from outside their company.

However, if the user does not verify their email that is an obvious security risk. An alternative would be to email a code to teh user like ‘12345’ which they can then enter into an area of our system - is this something you support? or maybe there is another elegant solution?

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Gotchya! Let me find out if we allow such signup process.

Hey there!

Sorry for such huge delay in response but it’s been very busy recently here in the community forum. We’re getting lots of questions. I managed to discuss it with multiple teams in the meantime but unfortunately we don’t support handling it this way.

The best way to advocate for that would be to file a feature request through our feedback form here:

Once you do that one of our product managers should contact you back within 10 business days. Thank you!

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