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DeprecationError is returned when executing commands with the Webtask CLI


Note: On May 23rd, we completed the migration of to Node 8. With the migration, the Node 4 API was retired and no longer processes requests. Prior to the migration an automated process was executed to migrate all webtasks to the new Node 8 environment. There is a slight possibility that some of the auto-migrated webtasks no longer function. We encourage all customers to manually verify that their tasks are working properly on Node 8.

As a result of Node 4 being retired, a DeprecationError is returned to the following commands issued with the wt-cli: create, ls, rm, inspect, logs, update, modules, cron.

When displayed the error looks like this:

If you have received this error using the Webtask CLI, your local profile is currently configured to use the Node 4 API. The Webtask profile is stored in a file named .webtask located in your home directory. You will need to update this file to point to the new Node 8 API.

To update your profile to use the new Node 8 API, follow these steps:

  1. Update the CLI to the latest version, npm update wt-cli -g
  2. Ensure you are using version 9.4.1 of the CLI, wt --version
  3. Update the profile URL using the appropreate command below
  4. Ensure the profile now has the correct url, wt profile ls

On Linux or OSX

PROFILE=default bash -c 'wt init -p $PROFILE --url --token $(wt profile get $PROFILE --field token) --container $(wt profile get $PROFILE --field container)'

On Windows with Powershell

$PROFILE="default"; $TOKEN=(wt profile get $PROFILE --field token); $CONTAINER=(wt profile get $PROFILE --field container); wt init -p $PROFILE --url --container $CONTAINER --token $TOKEN

Profiles pointing to the Node 4 API, will look like this:


Profiles pointing to the Node 8 API, will look like this:


Notice the difference in the URL value.

Once this update is made, the wt-cli will resume normal function and no longer throw deprecation errors.