Deploy CLI tool hits rate limits and fails with errors


We are trying to migrate configuration from TST tenant to ACC tenant and DevOps CLI tool fails with random rate limit errors. For instance on one occasion it hits Clients endpoint rate limit, on another Resource-servers rate limit.

How can we avoid this?

Hello, @daveanders,

As stated in this line here:

The max number of API calls it makes per second is 8, to comply with our Rate Limits.

Once you clone the repo, you could try lowering that number to ensure it’s even lower, but it would also make the process more time consuming, as it would have to get more data in a longer period of time.

Let me know is this helps!


Thank you, that gives a bit more information and some room for experimentation, but to correct my input, we are hitting the Global API rate limit. Not sure what that is for staging enterprise tenants, but its awkward that tool provided by vendor, which is being promoted as best practice, hits any kind of rate limits on an empty tenant.

Hello, Dave,

You can find all of your Management API Rate Limits here:

As you can see, it allows 10 requests per second and 120 requests per minute for Enterprise non-production tenants.