Deploy-cli tool does not dump key value pairs in rules setting

When using the deploy-cli. Configs in “rules-config” are pushed to auth0 (“Auth pipeline” → setting), but when dumping “rules-config” are not dumped from our tenant. Is that a bug or is it by design? If by design, what is the arguments for not dumping those configs?

Hi @emil.enemaerke,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you’ve observed behavior where the Auth Deploy-CLI tool is not exporting your rulesConfigs.

After my investigation, I have found this to be a known issue in Github, including a few other users reporting similar behavior:

I am currently unsure why it’s producing these errors and believe that it is unintended. I will check internally with our Engineers and follow up with you once there is new information.

Thank you.