Deceptive Site warnings on AuthO

This morning my site is having an issue where every page we have that utilizes AuthO is giving users a deceptive site warning. When I am logged into my AuthO portal I get the same errors, so I think its an AuthO issue. Is anyone else experiencing this or something like it? Any ideas how to correct?

Hi @spencer,

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I understand that you and your end-users have been encountering deceptive site warnings on Auth0.

To better assist you, could you please share with me some screenshots of these deceptive warnings?

Or could you please elaborate further on what these warnings say?

Thank you.

Thank you.

A screenshot is attached. We’re only getting this warning on the login page, the rest of the site is fine. I’ve gotten the same warning when clicking through our authO dashboard as well.

Hi @spencer,

Thank you for your response.

I have just tried to reproduce the situation by accessing the Login Page of your app but did not manage to receive any Deceptive site ahead warnings. I also managed to successfully sign up and login without any issues. In these tests, I used Chrome, Edge, and Safari in both regular and incognito mode with the highest security setting (Enhanced) and still did not get that message.

I’ve traced the Network in the console and found nothing to indicate a Deceptive site ahead warning on my end.

Because of this, could you try checking your app on other web browsers and see if you have the same warning?

And, could you clarify whether this issue is still persistent?

Thank you.

The issue seemed to have taken care of itself the other week. However, I am getting the same warnings again today. (

I have tried on chrome and firefox. So far it seems that mobile is not impacted.