Debugging SMTP Customer Email Provider

I’m investigating a report of some users not receiving reset password e-mails (but do receive the verification e-mail). It’s an SMTP server from a regular / small hosting company, the initial report is that they don’t see the alleged e-mails in their logs. Suggesting that Auth0 didn’t deliver the mails to the SMTP server.

The primary thing I’m looking for is the log of the actual SMTP session to see the response from the receiving SMTP server, primarily the ‘queued at’ response containing the mail id. Since this is an important identifier for further tracing. But I can’t find this log in Auth0. Is this even available? Would it be possible via a support engineer of Auth0 to provide me with this log when I provide all the relevant information (like, tenant, user, timeframe etc)?

Hey @arne, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I can check if we have such a log, can you DM me all the details(tenant name, user, timeframe etc)?


Thanks, will contact you as soon as I have all the details of such a case.

Sure @arne, looking forward to it!

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hi! I’ve DM’d you the details of a case.

Hey @arne, you should have the details now.