Customize tab icon on Classic Universal Login

Hello Auth0 Community :wave: , is it possible to change the browser’s tab icon on Auth0’s Classic Universal Login? I read the ui customization documentation but could not find anything on how to do this. Is it even possible?

Hi ysaez,

Correct, you can customize even the entire login page according to your own requirement

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To be honest it’s not mentioned in our docs that you can customise the tab icon. Where did you see that @rashid779939 ?

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When I use the webAuth.authorize() (which redirect users to the Auth0 Universal Login) the page seems “inherits” the previous page icon; I might be wrong. At least that is what is going on in my end. I also added a <link rel="icon" href="https://yoursite.example/your-site-icon.png" /> when customizing the Universal Login (just for good measure)

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