Customize endpoint API?


Is there a way to write my own implementation for an end point? example: /dbconnections/change_password ?? If so, can you please point me to the related docs?


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Hi @hopewise Welcome to Auth0 community.

I’m afraid the answer is no. Can you explain what use case requires you to modify this endpoint? BTW there are different ways to customize password reset flow

Thanks @ashish for your response, the reason why I need to modify that endpoint, is that I need to implement my own flow for reset password at my server rather than POST to /dbconnections/change_password endpoint

I need to do so, because my app already have the flow for forget password, I just need to integrate my implemented flow with Aut0Lock, when user click on Send Email at forgot password screen.

I know I can use the forgotPasswordLink but I prefer to keep the user in the modal dialog instead of moving to another page to do the forget password.

I am thinking of two options to solve this:

  1. Change the url /dbconnections/change_password that the auth0 dialog uses and set my app url instead.
  2. Keep the url /dbconnections/change_password as is, but customize the end point it self, so that it calls my app to continue the flow.

Which points above is possible? and what do you recommend?

Thank you

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This option might work (I haven’t tested it) but I won’t recommend because then you will need to maintain your customization to lock. When a new Lock version is released either to support new feature or security patch you will need to manually carry forward your customization to the new version.

This is likely not possible.

Tbh Lock is supposed to be used as-is with minimal branding related customizations like logo/theme/T&C

Thanks @ashish for your response, but how would I change the link: /dbconnections/change_password in the auth0Lock ? As I need to follow this path as a solution
I need set my own URL including my domain instead of /dbconnections/change_password

How would I achieve this please?