Custom Vue JS signup api

In my Vue app, I have already set up the Auth0 login and logout configuration via the quick start guide for Vue JS. Now I want to set up user registration, but I’m very lost and very confused.

On my Vue app, a new user can register and enter his complete user profile. The final goal is that on completion (on submitting the form for his user profile), the user’s name, email and password will be sent to Auth0 to make a basic profile there as well. My first question is; where to start, where to begin?

So basically, all I want to do is to do a post request in my Vue registration method, that sends this data to Auth0. A user profile will be made, and as a response the user will be logged in consequently.

I already installed the package following these docs: Auth0.js v9 Referenceiyilzsrollup_ga*NjU1ODY2MzQzLjE2MzA5MTc5NzU.rollup_ga_F1G3E656YZMTYzMzk1ODczOS45LjEuMTYzMzk2MDkyMS40Nw

Where do I initialize this new Auth0 instance? In my main app.js, or in my component?

Further more, what do yo mean with: ‘Signups should be for database connections.’ ?