Custom Okta Social Connection Help

I am hoping someone has setup this type custom connection before and will know what we are missing. We have entered the correct client id and secret. The authorization and token urls are correct. When we test the connection we get the “bummer…invalid request” error.

There isn’t much else on this custom connection settings page to set, so I am not sure what I am missing.

I see other posts mentioning to make sure the “… connection has been associated with an application (otherwise you will get an invalid_request: the connection was disabled error)” This is the same error that I am getting, but I do have the connection associated to an app.


Hey @jmadison, Welcome to the Auth0 community!

Can you enable the toggle of the last application in the Apps list tab and try again?
I think there might be an issue that extension is not picking up other toggles.

Thank you for getting back. We were able to test the connection through the applications section, so we are good. The “Try” was not working for us on the extension setup, but the “test connection” is working.

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