Custom login flow using Auth0 APIs

Hi all,

Today we are using the Lock js lib for managing User\Password, Google and Passwordless login methods on Auth0 hosted login page.
Lately, we discussed about changing the experience to a more modern one.
An excellent example of what we are aiming for can be found in Login

Where you first enter your email or choosing a social login method.

Then on the second step, you can choose to enter a password or get a one-time link to your email inbox.

Does Auth0 API’s are capable of supporting all these features so we can create our own custom login page, using Google\Apple etc custom login buttons, user\password and passwordless login methods?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @orel this isn’t supported yet with the new Universal Login. If you are an enterprise customer you may open a support ticket as we may have a beta version that supports home real discovery like Lock widget. We will have home realm discovery with the new Universal Login sometime within next year.

You may share feedback with our product team here as well.

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Hey @Saltuk thanks for the reply.

This is unfortunate :\

In case we want to fully control and write our login page, and not use the Universal Login nor the Lock widget.
Making calls from our backend to Auth0 APIs to signup \ sign in users with the different methods?
Such as Passwordless
User\password or Social (which I can’t really find in the docs?)

Can we do it?

Hi, @orel to write a complete custom login widget you don’t need to use your backend.

You may use the classic Universal Login and use Auth0.js to implement this. We have a very basic sample on the dashboard template which may be a starting point. I’m sharing a screenshot for this:

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Please let us know if you have any other questions!