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Custom Domain for Hosted Login Page



Being able to use custom domain, i.e., would definitely make it possible for us to use hosted login page. Now we have to use embedded lock.

This should also influence password reset link addresses and so. Https is must have feature.


Not being able to front the Hosted Login Page with my own Domain Name is the only thing preventing me from using Hosted Login.
Would be great to have this.


Please add this feature!


I have just decided to drop auth0 because of this.


An absolute must have for any serious brand willing to use the hosted pages feature.


Is there any update on this. In the docs it says it’s planned.


We are in the midst of a trial and test scenario implementation and couldn’t be more pleased with how easy it’s been to implement.

I was feeling really good that Auth0 is our solution and that we are ready to move ahead with it into production (so fast thanks to incredible ease of use!), then I went looking for where to setup our custom domain and I realized that this isn’t possible?? Major roadblock for us.

We’ll consider options to see if we can workaround this, but this may be a requirement for us… making auth0 a no go until it’s possible.

Hope to see this soon!


Also very concerned about this. Google login says “continue to Auth0” - forcing my customers to trust an additional unknown brand in addition to our own, and wonder whether they’re being redirected to somewhere dangerous, is a severe disadvantage.


This has been rolled out as a beta feature. I apologise for not keeping this updated. You can find more information at:


For more information here -


When can we expect this feature to be available in production? Is Atlassian using it in “Development” tenant? We are hesitant to switch our tenant to “Development” due to the API rate limitations but we need a custom domain.